Great Summer Fest ! LG

Say goodbye to stale moods. The Great Eastern Trading Company brings to you ‘Great Summer Fest’.☃️⛱🌤
Shop LG Refrigerator which has Linear Cooling technology. It keeps everything in it fresh for 14 whole days. Brownie points for door cooling. LG India😍🎉
Visit your nearest GREAT EASTERN TRADING CO store and shop!
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2 thoughts on “Great Summer Fest ! LG”

  1. Do have any replacement offer, because I like to purchase a refrigerator on replacement of my old double door refrigerator.

    Therefore, kindly share me, how much discount I will get on purchase of new double door refrigerator.

    1. Dear Kunal Roy,
      Thank you for your interest. We request you to please visit our nearest outlet for more details as there is always different offers available.

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